Saturday, 4 April 2015


Dress- k_kritika       Heels- Forever 21       Neckpiece and Cuff- The hype shop
Hello Angels,

I am back again with another post, this will be my last post on this blog as most of you must be knowing I am shifting to my very own website.
Yes, my website :D

Coming back to the post, white being one of my favorite colours I designed this gown around two months back and I thought to do a blog post on this look as it turned out really well.

All white look is so on trend right now, from the designer runways to the street, all white outfits are a popular choice amongst trendsetters.

I went for a Greek goddess look, I wore this white gown, with metallic heels, a gypsy neckpiece and I did smokey eyes and a messy bun(here) with this gown.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post.
I love you guys oodles and oodles 

Until next time
xoxo #bohogirlies

Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Hello lovelies,

I am back again with another post this time with a different one, being a jewellery hoarder, I was more than obliged to review their collection.

Minawala is a renowned exclusive jewelry brand.
Winner of the 'Diamond Jewellery of the Year' award, MINAWALA has been an established jewellery brand in India since over 30 years with stores in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore

So, I visited their store last month and as expected I was left astounded by their beauteous collection.
Minawala launches its new line called 'SPACE ODYSSEY' which is inspired by the galaxy, universe, planets, comets and stars.
This pioneering  collection features bold, edgy and geometric patterns, the collection is made with rare coloured stones like the amethyst, black diamonds, black onyx and diamonds in white gold and pink. 
Commenting on the collection, Mr. Shehzad Zaveri, Creative Director,Minawala says, “Today a woman needs desk to dinner jewellery. While it needs to be somber enough for the office, it should also be stylish enough for dinner. It is this sensibility of a woman that our collection caters to.”

I absolutely loved their exquisite collection my personal favorite being this one
Their wide range of cocktail rings, arm cuffs, earrings not only will make you shine brighter, but will also make you stand out amongst the crowd

Until next post
xoxo #bohogirlies

Sunday, 29 March 2015


Tie and dye dress- k_kritika    Bag and Accessories- The Hype   Ethnic Sandals- Udaipur

Hello Lovess,

So this is what i wore on my last day in Udaipur.
Tie and dye dress from my own collection with the same bag and accessories which I wore on day 3 with ethnic sandals which i bought from Udaipur only.

Until next time
xoxo #bohogirlies

Saturday, 28 March 2015


Ghagra Skirt and Ethnic sandals- Udaipur   Accessories and Bag- The Hype 

Hello loves <3

I am back with another post from my Udaipur diaries
So on day 3 I chose to wear this short Ghaghra which I found really interesting and I wore it with a grey raw silk crop top from my own collection and paired it with a fringe bag and traditional sandals that I bought from Udaipur the same day.

Hope you guys like the look :)
I will be back with another post tomorrow!

I love you oodles and oodles
xoxo #bohogirlies

Sunday, 15 March 2015


Hello Angels,

I love wearing traditional clothes and while I was in Rajasthan I wanted to dress like that.
I chose to wear a Ghaghra skirt which I bought last year also worn in a Diwali post with a colourful top from my collection, I paired it with silver bangles, earrings and a nathni and I was good to go.

Here are the pictures of Udaipur Dairies- day 2, enjoy!